Introducing Rewind: A Return to Summer Simplicity

We're thrilled to unveil our latest collection: Rewind. The Rewind collection is about more than just clothing; it's an invitation to slow down and revisit the carefree days of summer.

Inspired by the seemingly endless summer holidays, when the days stretched long, uninterrupted by the ping of notifications or the glow of screens. Rewind is our homage to that simpler time.

Just as we once rewound cassette tapes to replay our favorite songs, this collection encourages us to pause and savor life's precious moments. It's about recapturing the joy of unstructured days spent outdoors, the comfort of hanging out with friends, and the freedom from constant digital distractions.

We've carefully crafted each piece to evoke that sense of nostalgia and ease:
Breezy seersuckers reminiscent of lazy picnic days
Soft Egyptian cottons that feel like your favorite shirt from day one
Pure linens that improve with every summer adventure
Durable hemp fabrics ready for any outdoor escapade

All our materials are sustainably sourced, marrying the best of past summers with our commitment to a better future.

Rewind isn't just about looking back; it's about bringing that sense of joy and comfort into our present lives. It's an everyday reminder to find moments of simplicity and connection in our busy world.

We hope this collection inspires you to create your own summer stories, to spend time with loved ones, and to rediscover the simple pleasures that make life sweet.

Here's to pressing pause, rewinding to what matters most, and making new memories in clothes that feel like old friends.

Pallavi and Shantum
Founders Creatures of Habit