Our Heavyweight Linen Fabric


We are so excited to tell you about our latest fabric innovation: Our new heavy-weight linen fabric. Made from high-quality, dense Belgian linen yarn - it adds many new benefits to this already amazing fabric. Beautiful texture, high strength, and rich colours, there's a lot to love about this new fabric. Read on to find out more. 

While linen is already known for its durability, this heavy-weight variant takes it a step further. It offers impressive structure, making it perfect for heavier weight layers that are a joy to style all year long. 

Being denser, heavyweight linen offers a more substantial feel than regular linen. This means more resistance to wear and tear, ensuring your garments last longer.

The increased weight gives the fabric a richer texture. It’s perfect for creating statement pieces that stand out without being overly flashy.

While linen is generally praised for its coolness in summer, heavy-weight linen offer added warmth and thermoregulation, making it ideal for transitional seasons.

Sustainability: A Core Principle

At Creatures of Habit, our commitment isn’t just to produce clothes. We aim to do so while caring for our planet. Heavyweight linen aligns perfectly with this vision:

  • Water-Conscious: Linen requires significantly less water to produce

  • Pesticide-Free: Flax, from which linen is made, naturally repels pests, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals.

  • Biodegradable: Linen decomposes naturally, leaving behind minimal waste

In Summary

We're proud to introduce this exceptional fabric to our lineup. Heavyweight linen embodies what Creatures of Habit stands for – sustainable choices, timeless designs, and uncompromising quality.

Dive into a fashion experience that not only makes you look good but also feels good – inside and out. Join us in celebrating this wonderful addition and make heavyweight linen a staple in your wardrobe!