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About Us

Creatures of Habit offers a thoughtfully curated collection of high quality everyday essentials. Made from the finest all-natural fabrics, we specialise in luxurious classics that form the backbone of any modern wardrobe.

We’re not big on trends. We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials for our products— like our Peruvian Pima cotton.

Our Story

Creatures of Habit was born out of our frustration to find clothes to wear every day. For people who didn’t care about fashion, we found that we were spending a lot of time and money on clothes and still ended up with a full closet but nothing to wear.

Several years of unsuccessful mall trips later, we decided to do something about it. To start a brand that makes comfortable clothes designed for everyday life.

Along the way, we realized just how bad our current fashion habits are and couldn’t understand why something as essential as clothing had to be produced in a way that is harmful to our environment.

So, we made a necessary decision, no polyester or plastic- ever.  We started from scratch with the best natural fibers we could find and had them custom knit to our specifications to create all-natural fabrics that are truly versatile.

We started, one piece at a time, to create a line of basics that is free from compromise. We now have a small but thoughtfully designed collection of high quality modern essentials that are a joy to wear every day.