Our 100% Hemp Fabric



The hemp plant has been an integral part of human heritage for millennia. Beyond its myriad uses, as a fabric, hemp stands tall for its exceptional blend of sustainability, comfort and longevity. Famous artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh even turned to hemp canvases for their masterpieces, highlighting the fabric's enduring appeal.

While hemp has been gaining popularity in the fashion and clothing space recently, the fabrics are often rough and slightly scratchy. We went through many different varieties of hemp before we found the perfect 'one' for Creatures of Habit. The yarn used to make our fabric is exceptionally soft, resulting in a finished fabric that is smooth, structured and exceptionally comfortable.

If you're new to hemp based fabrics, here's whats to love about them:

  • Durability & Comfort: Hemp fibers are celebrated for their strength. This translates to fabrics that not only last but also soften with each wear, ensuring unmatched comfort.
  • Breathability: Hemp's unique texture make it perfect for all seasons. It keeps you cool when it's warm and cozy when it's cold.
  • Sustainability: Hemp shines in the eco-friendly spotlight. Its cultivation needs minimal water and thrives without harmful pesticides. Moreover, hemp's growth enriches the soil and, at the end of its lifecycle, it biodegrades without leaving pollutants behind.

It's no wonder that we are thrilled to bring this exciting new fibre into our collection. 

The functional yet stylish Hemp Cargo Pants for Men, the elegantly flowing Hemp Wide Leg Pants for Women, and the effortlessly chic Hemp Crop Top for Women - all these pieces come in a palette of versatile shades – from earthy natural to vibrant electric blue and the tranquil silver sand.