Our Packaging Story

At Creatures of Habit, we believe that a design process is incomplete unless you have paid attention to all the elements that accompany the product. That’s why everything from our labels to our thread is made of all-natural materials which are 100% bio degradable and do not leech harmful chemicals into the planet.

But we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to make sure that every element that we created should have a distinct purpose and should add value without harming the planet. So when it came time to design our packaging, we knew we had some work to do.

Online shopping has necessitated the use of several layers of packaging to keep products safe and presentable as they travel from warehouse to warehouse. Being big online shoppers ourselves, we were tired of large cardboard boxes piling up with each delivery. We had even experienced cotton bags from various brands before but struggled to find uses for most bags due to their odd sizes or strings. We wanted to create something different. Something truly re-usable.

After many rounds of experimentation and going back to the drawing board, we eventually settled on this:

An un-bleached cotton bag with a zipper on the top. The zipper added the re-usability we were looking for while the unbleached fabric made it eco-friendly. From home to travel, this pouch is effortlessly re-usable. We use it to store everything from beauty knick knacks to wires and chargers. It can even be used as a garment wash bag to wash delicate garments in the washing machine.

Each of our products ships in one of these amazing bags. 

Got any ideas or tips for our packaging? We’d love to hear them! Write in to us at helpdesk@creaturesofhabit.in.