Our Pima Cotton Fabric

Pima is a rare, high quality cotton that grows on the northern coast of Peru. What makes it special is the quality of its fibres and that it is grown naturally without the use of harmful chemical pesticides or insecticides. 

The fibres of Pima cotton are 1.5x longer than regular cotton, measuring up to 40mm in length. In comparison, regular cotton averages around 25mm in staple length. 

Why do the longer fibres matter? 

Well to put it simply, longer fibres lead to stronger fabrics and better colours.

Yarn is made by tying together many strands of fibres. The knots are small and invisible to the eye, but can be felt by touch. With short staple cotton, the number of knots required are more, hence resulting in rougher yarn. With Pima cotton, much fewer knots are required to make the yarn. This resulting in smooth, even yarn. This is why Pima fabrics are so much softer than regular cotton. 

The fibres in Pima cotton are also more densely packed. This helps the yarn to absorb dye much better than with regular cotton. This is why Pima fabrics take on deep, rich colours that last wash after wash. 

How does it make your clothes better?

Clothes made with Pima cotton last longer, hold on to colours better and get softer with every wash. The stronger fibres in the yarn also ensure that your clothes retain their shape wear after wear.

From a quality perspective, Pima cotton is a no-brainer. 

Why is it better for the planet?

Cotton is a great plant for the planet when used with care. Even though it uses a lot of water during the growing stage, the recyclability of 100% cotton is very high. Further, Pima cotton is grown naturally without the use of chemical pesticides or insecticides. This overcomes one of the biggest environmental risks posed by cotton farming.

It’s important to remember that cotton garments that contain some polyester or even lycra are not recyclable and can take centuries to biodegrade. Polyester is a derivative of plastic and as such they have a lot in common. This is why we chose to never use anything synthetic in our fabrics.

So what are you waiting for? Checkout our Pima cotton collection now!